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  1. GoshU

    SOLVED Mission Replay corrupted my save

    So I replayed a mission, saved my game and when I returned, it crashed whenever I reloaded that save. Is there a way I can revert to a previous save(no, I don't have another recent save)?
  2. GoshU

    Activities & Missions Chop Shop not appearing

    As far as I checked, nobody else has talked about this. So there is a glitch in which the Chop Shop icons are removed from the map. According to what I read on the Internet, it is a common glitch and reloading the save usually fixes it. Since they disappeared, they've reapered a couple of times...
  3. GoshU

    Sith Pureblood

    Literally the character in my profile picture - my Sith Pureblood based on the Star Wars species.
  4. GoshU

    Donald Trump

    This character was originally made in Saints Row The Third.
  5. GoshU

    GoshU's Mod Pack

    This mod pack includes mods or parts of them by other people and some changes to parts of the mods by me as well. You will enjoy it even more if you have the Gangstas in Space and Genkibowl VII DLCs OTHER PEOPLE'S MODS WHICH ARE INCLUDED: Sandbox+ 1.2 by IdolNinja...