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  1. deadedge


    This Two Mods File Name are SAME , so if only can choose one of them ,not good. IF BOTH are IN , yeah .
  2. deadedge

    Enhanced Vehicle Variations

    Totally Agree with that , or may same as SRIV , like Blade . I do Like SRIV More Than SRTT .
  3. deadedge

    Extra rims

    Nice and i like it much ! i hope there more extra Rim will added
  4. deadedge

    Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in Steelport traffic + 3 cop cars in use

    Ok ..... Can You Add That ? TQ
  5. deadedge

    Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in Steelport traffic + 3 cop cars in use

    Nice and maybe add SWINDLE just like '' Rattler, Stilleto, Lightning in city traffic. ''
  6. deadedge

    Saints Row IV vehicle paint

    Yeah , Baby . Transfer Color Finishing From SRIV to SRTT , like it MUCH. Maybe Add Metal TRIM & RIM Color SRIV to SRTT also good idea .
  7. deadedge

    Alternate gang style - Football Hooligan

    Good As New Look but SAINT COLOUR Will be Best For homie .
  8. deadedge

    The Saints Row T-shirt Pack

    Yes and Nice Cloth , Maybe IF POSIBLE Please Make it For SRTT .
  9. deadedge

    Saints Row The Third: SR2 roots mod

    For the SR2 the best is their weather , my opinion . Maybe ADD SR2 Weather TO SRTT , Better than before.
  10. deadedge

    Triple shot, Incendiary, Explosive Gravedigger.

    Yeah, More Fun FOR The Party TIME !
  11. deadedge

    I Hope See THIS In SRTT

    can anyone make this MOD From SRIV to SRTT like < BIGGER BOW, LACY TANK TOP, MARY ANN, SPRING JACKET, STRAP SHOES> this item very beautiful and i hope see this in SRTT.
  12. deadedge

    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

    Yes , but I do not want "sandbox+" , just some effect or maybe some animation like dancing mod , THAT OK for me .
  13. deadedge

    Ultor Family Gun Day (featuring weeaboo saint)

    This ..... Very Nice Homie .
  14. deadedge

    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

    Super powers (requires Trouble with Clones DLC!!) --- Yes , For SR3 '' BOSS '' NICE NIce Nice nice .... If Possible , Maybe add Deckers specialist Animation also good idea .....
  15. deadedge

    Get Down and Boogie

    Your '' Peep Toe Heels " Have Bugs at the back Same As Me Too :eek:
  16. deadedge

    Vanilla Kayak

    removes the logos from all Taxi vehicles , that very nice . If remove all taxi texture just like SRTT normal Kayak , BETTER than before
  17. deadedge

    Non-glitching city

    I Hate That "pixelization" and Now , IT gone already , Hell Yes !
  18. deadedge

    Melee Overhaul

    Yeah , TAKE THAT !!! Nice Melee .
  19. deadedge

    No Archdukes mod

    Yes , Can you Create Same Mod For SRIV No Warden Mod ?