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    Daspex´s GPSPlusInfoscreens+Animation Mod

    i'll do that, maybe is one of the other mods
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    Daspex´s GPSPlusInfoscreens+Animation Mod

    yes I have the sandbox installed ( the mod works, but I can't select the animations with PGUP and PGDN, it worked fine for some time, but then the game crashed and now it wont work, F1 works fine, "v", and all the other...
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    Daspex´s GPSPlusInfoscreens+Animation Mod

    PGUP and PGDN stopped working for some reason, I have the steam workshop version and it worked some time, maybe 10 minutes and the game crashed, now it works but those keys don't, so i can't slect the animations. I tried downloading the mod from this pagebut doesn't work, only the workshop one.
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    Slew mode (free camera) for SRTT

    Is there a mod that can do that on srtt? I have the sandbox installed but it doesn't have the option, I want something like the SRIV sandbox
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    Specific body build

    Hi, I would like to see a mod where you can augment specific body parts, for example muscular arms but skinny legs or fat torso with skinny arms and muscular legs... is there a mod that can do that? or something similar to that.
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    "mods" folder not working

    hi, I have GOC version, and I created the "mods" folder on the saints row IV folder, but the mods are not working... do I need something else in the main folder? maybe a .txt or _pc file? to make the mods folder work.