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  1. TheSaintsLeader


    Such Giant. Much Fetish. WOW
  2. TheSaintsLeader

    Rifle new running animation! v.1

    Yeah, been working on that. The AK animation is simple to modify (I feel it is simple). So I am trying to make more and add them. BTW thanks for your idea!
  3. TheSaintsLeader

    Rifle new running animation! v.1

    Hello people! My internet was down and shit, and I wanted to post this mod! Here it is- New running animation for AK-47! (v.1) (GOTR NEEDED!) The thing is, I messed with some anim files, and figured out how to change the running animation of weapons. (Its a bit hard though, because all anims...
  4. TheSaintsLeader

    Site downtime 2015/11/14

    I thought I was the only one with the problem!
  5. TheSaintsLeader

    TheSaintsLeader's Gun modifications!

    Hello people! and welcome to TheSaintsLeader's Gun Modifications! :rolleyes: You need GOTR (by IdolNinja) for this to work . :rolleyes: What does this mod do? o_O It increases your bullet damage (A little bit, because I don't know the whats the maximum damage as I am new to modification...
  6. TheSaintsLeader

    Custom Logo

    You should learn how to use TexMod to do stuuf like editing texture... its a very helpful tool.
  7. TheSaintsLeader

    NPC customization

    You can change the character by changing the 'character' option in the txt... ex- npc_gat... you will need to have GOTR... put in- optional mods stuff\MODDERS PUT YOUR OWN MODS HERE\
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    Realistic DEADPOOL Mask!

    What do you mean? Any help needed?
  9. TheSaintsLeader

    Realistic DEADPOOL Mask!

    If any problem while opening the Texmod and all, then please reply me! I was not able to post the video as it was taking time so I didn't upload it because WITH GREAT POWER, COME GREAT IRRESPONSIBILITY!
  10. TheSaintsLeader

    Realistic DEADPOOL Mask!

    Hi guys (and gals) I am TheSaintsLeader, and I had joined this site a few months ago. But... fuck that! After I spent too many hours on my Lappy, and did something that would make me and you all happy.... I made a DEADPOOL MASK! but.... you need 'The Zombie Mask' for that (you get it after you...
  11. TheSaintsLeader

    Saints Row 2 cts mapper

    By the way, what does this tool do? (I don't know, I am new)
  12. TheSaintsLeader

    Just beat the game

    okai lulz
  13. TheSaintsLeader

    Shaundi mod

    Actually just messin' around coz I wanted some good looking Shaundi in SR2, so I just came on his thread.... and started to read it. lol
  14. TheSaintsLeader

    Shaundi mod

    in my screen it dosen't show 'fake!...' it shows 'errr...' just sayin...
  15. TheSaintsLeader

    Johnny Gat, Welcome Back!

    Eh man thanks for following :D
  16. TheSaintsLeader

    Johnny Gat, Welcome Back!

    Hey thats what I did :)
  17. TheSaintsLeader

    The Return of Gat

    You can check my mod if you want...
  18. TheSaintsLeader

    Johnny Gat, Welcome Back!

    Yes, I saw his mod. Lets compare..... 1. He has image of Zombie Gat, i have image of Living Gat. 2. I replaced Nyteblade and gave his info to Josh, and Josh's info (Call your understudy one) to Johnny because there can't be 2 guys with same info. 3. Removed Real Zombie Gat as there can only be...
  19. TheSaintsLeader

    Please Can anyone check m mods?

    Here they are! if I make any more mods, I will edit and add them! ;)