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  1. NutInMyDonut

    Saints Row 2 Vehicle Files for Download?

    I want a file that contains all Saints Row 2 vehicles from the game. Including rare unobtainable vehicles too. (Which should be batched with the normal vehicles). Id highly appreciate it if someone special can provide this file. Thanks.
  2. NutInMyDonut

    Vehicles How to add vehicles in SRTT garage using hex editor?

    Is there a way to add vehicles in your garage using hex editors? Manually adding a specific vehicle you want to your gamesave with the use of hex edit?
  3. NutInMyDonut

    Vehicles Saints Row 2 Garage Editor?

    I don't say that there's a Saints Row 2 garage editor yet. XB36hazard's Tool doesn't have that option built in. So I wanna know if theres gonna be a SR2 garage editor or if there is any?
  4. NutInMyDonut

    Character Customization Does anyone have the Nyte Blade outfit for download?

    If you have the Nyte Blade outfit in your wardrobe, can you send me the file to download the outfit?
  5. NutInMyDonut

    Vehicles How to find SR3 vehicles in this "*.SR3V" type file extension from Saints Row: The Third game files? [UNSOLVED]

    I'm trying to add all unobtainable vehicles to my garage from the SR3 save editor via Saints Row Collection Tool. It seems if I want to add custom vehicles to the save editor garage, I need a specific file format of the vehicles I want in ".SR3V". If I add other files, it gives me a error...
  6. NutInMyDonut

    SR:TT How to find vehicles formatted in *.SR3V file on PC? Where are these data files located? [UNSOLVED]

    Where in the Saints Row: The Third game source I can acquire a "*.SR3V" vehicle file from? Anywhere I can find all game vehicles in *.SR3V format? I'm trying to add specific unobtainable vehicles in my garage game save using the Saints Row Collection tool. But the program im using requires me to...
  7. NutInMyDonut

    SR:TT How to convert .str2_xbox2 file to .SR3V file?

    I found the "sp_pony_cart01_0.str2_xbox2" vehicle file directly from Xbox 360 version of Saints Row: The Third, how can make it become a ".SR3V" file, so I can add it to my garage editor.
  8. NutInMyDonut

    SR:TT How do I unpack vehicles.vpp_pc/xbox2/ps3 file from Saints Row: The Third?

    Any tools I can use to unpack .vpp files? I want to access all vehicle data from SRTT and import the vehicles file to a save.
  9. NutInMyDonut

    SR:TT Does anyone have a modded Xbox 360 save with unobtainable vehicles & outfits?

    I need a save file for Xbox 360 containing all unobtainable vehicles from missions/activities. Including someone rare outfits you can't get in game regularly. It'd be awesome if anyone can create a Xbox 360 save file like this.