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  1. flclafi

    SOLVED Saves Missing In-Game

    Never mind I fixed the issue, I had to start a new game then overwrite the new save file with my old file in the folder.
  2. flclafi

    SOLVED Saves Missing In-Game

    Hey, was wondering if I could get some help here. All of my save games won't show up in-game anymore. The folder that steam saves to (206420) still has all of them but they won't show up for some reason. Has anyone had this issue before and knows how to fix it?
  3. flclafi

    Yeti's Russian Frost Weapon Skin

    It appears that the Russian Frost weapon skin won't unlock. I have seen a thread in the steam forums with other people with the same issue, and some reports for the PS4 Version. I have all other skins unlocked and have opened over 100 chests since and have yet to get this skin. I have the PC...
  4. flclafi

    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    Yeah version 3 freezes when you go to the pause screen, but i only wanted the money cheat. So I was able to add enough money and get it to autosave, then uninstalled it. So it ended up working out. I think this mod is great it's just that every time I started a new game I didn't want the boss...
  5. flclafi

    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    Alright, thanks for the response. I still have V3 of this mod on a different HDD I'm going to see if that one still works.
  6. flclafi

    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    What if we just want the cheat menu?
  7. flclafi

    Nyte Blayde Suit Question

    Never mind, someone recently made 2 recolors on the Steam workshop that were exactly what I was looking for.
  8. flclafi

    Nyte Blayde Suit Question

    Is there a mod that lets you change the color of the Nyte Blayde suit?
  9. flclafi

    Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

    Wait so does Gat in AoM use dual pistols? in his pre-order picture he has them but he never uses them in the gameplay trailer. Just wondering cause I'd prefer the dual pistols.
  10. flclafi

    Easy Challenges mod

    If you take the mod out it should revert the ones you have left back to normal.
  11. flclafi

    Easy Challenges mod

    Which challenges do you have left? I know the mod doesn't beat challenges if you have over the required number for the goal, like as an example you had 90/100 kills then added this mod it would be 90/1 kills which would mess it up. Usually getting another kill would beat the challenge even with...
  12. flclafi

    Request: Easier Challenges

    The achievements should unlock, I ended up using this near the end of my challenge list to get some challenges done and still got the achievement. I'd suggest editing the xtbl with notepad and making your own personal goals for each challenge. and if your asking if this will get you banned or...
  13. flclafi

    Request: Easier Challenges

    Is there something like this for Saints Row The Third?
  14. flclafi

    TrueBlue's Challenge Revamp Mod

    Is there something like this for Saints Row The Third?
  15. flclafi

    Map Markers for CD's and Tag Spots

    I'm not sure if it's possible but if so it would be nice to have map markers for the collectibles, maybe that can be filtered as well.
  16. flclafi

    Golden .45 Fletcher's

    I think it would be awesome if someone can make the Fletcher pistol have a gold plated texture, it would also be cool if there was a platinum version as well. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
  17. flclafi

    Easy Challenges mod

    Theres a thread for this already and someone posted a file that does this You can edit it with Notepad to tweak the goals how you wish.
  18. flclafi

    Samurai Sword from SR2

    If it's possible I think it would be cool to see the Samurai sword from 2 again, I wouldn't mind having it in SR3 as well.
  19. flclafi

    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    An attempt at Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, I haven't decided on clothes yet.
  20. flclafi

    Not enough soul clusters?

    Glad you figured away to get it after all. Maybe that is the issue, it seems more likely to be related to the upgrades rather than picking them up. So hopefully it's patched soon, especially if it happens to a lot people in the future.