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  1. YourDigitalBae

    Crash whenever I try to start 'The Escape'

    Years later, but wanted to say thank you for putting the file name! I was having the same issue while using the "Interrupted Generator Disabling bug fix" by pycorax here on the forum, and removing "steam_grid.asm_pc" fixed the issue! :)
  2. YourDigitalBae

    All New Character Customization

    Can you explain what you mean, please? If you mean where are the stockings, once you've made the packed file and put it in your game, the stockings will be in Rusty's Needle-you can only have one length of stocking at a time for each type [IE, if you have the long fishnets, you can't have the...
  3. YourDigitalBae

    All New Character Customization

    UPDATE: I fixed it, somehow. I made a completely fresh build, but instead of selecting any of the options on the list on this screen: I went to the next page and selected things as I went, doing every page. After this, the stockings and garter belts were under a category called 'Clothing'...
  4. YourDigitalBae

    All New Character Customization

    I'm also having issues with tattoo names not showing correctly, adding a screenshot to show an example. I did notice others having this issue, but I don't think I saw a fix-if I missed it, please just lmk ♥ I kinda glazed over and wasn't focusing very well after going through all 43 pages...