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    A request for the players

    Sadly, I cannot play the game (old CPU), so for don't waste time on youtube, I prefer request here: -Does the Remastered use the same songs on the Radio? And it has all the stations? -Can someone show me how a male character looks at 100% in muscle? Possible on Image as Design. It is mostly...
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    Default Body & Normal_Map are not the same

    I've being wondering this for almost two years since I begging to texture edit on deep on Saints Row The Third and up to Gat Outta Hell, but, why the Default Body texture are different than the Normal_Map? I even give a shot using NinjaRipper for see if the Normal_Map was a secondary 3D model...
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    Space Issue

    I've being doing some texture edit in SR 3 & 4. The problem comes with a funny issue on SR3 tool for convert the images to STR2+ Update the .asm: The gibbedvolition doesn't know recognize if the name of the texture has space. Example for editing the "Default male diffuse.str2_pc" just for have...