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    Kung Fu Girl from "M.U.G.E.N."

    Here's another creation I made, this time it's Kung Fu Girl from the freeware fighting game engine "M.U.G.E.N."
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    Rayne From "BloodRayne"

    Here's another character that I made. this time it's Rayne from "BloodRayne" you need to have the BloodRayne Outfit mod that I linked here. and the Eye Texture Project 2 mod for the green eyes...
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    Imp-Tan from H-DOOM

    Hello, this is my first post on this section of the forum. I created Imp-Tan from H-DOOM (18+ Doom Mod) I worked hard on her. P.S. the eyes requires "Eye Texture Project 2" which is a mod on the Steam Workshop
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    Mehrman Monster Mod

    hello, i really want the infamous Mehrman myth in saint's row 2 as a monster mod here's a sign that was found in saints row 2 (yes, i know i know it was proven to be fake) but i think it will be an awesome mod to make! from, werewolfman1231
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    "Women's One Piece Swimsuit" for Saint's Row The Third

    I would like the women's one piece swiumsuit back in saint's row the third. (you know the borat mankini from branded) i'm wondering if any of you guys can rip the mankini, resize it, and import it to saints row the third