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  1. Tymon

    Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

    The SR4 editor does not seem to work with PC actually so you are not too far off.
  2. Tymon

    3 Homies in Bulldog mod

    I personally only use these for the sake of being able to transport my crew around. The fact the vehicles have four seats but only seat three people rather than four was always really annoying to me. So weapons or not is of no consequence to me. Thank you folks for making these.
  3. Tymon

    Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

    Feels like this thing is geared for consoles more than it is PC... Even the videos the guy used to show off editing SR4 on youtube was for the console version. The PC version straight up does not work at all.
  4. Tymon

    SR3 Save Editor C

    Ironically speaking you can get around 160 vehicles total if you use certain tricks/mods to get more than one reward vehicle etc. Could you actually update this to support 160 garage slots for people who did this? Or at least tell me how to edit it myself to allow 160 so it does not delete my...
  5. Tymon

    A way to store yarnie?

    Is there ANY way to store yarnie with a mod of some sort? Or even just shrinking it's mesh temporarily so it could go inside of a garage to store it manually after I had it delivered? I have tried a number of things to get it in my garage (So I could customize it and upgrade it's health/etc) but...
  6. Tymon


    Thanks much. Will definitely have to snag it on GoG then. Really freaking sucks that Steam will not release it for purchase or something. Is modding the same way as the steam version? EG: Just put the mods in base directory?
  7. Tymon


    I am considering buying the game on GoG even though I already own it on steam, because the steam version sucks due to the fact it is 100% impossible to get the Team Fortress 2 Pack on the Steam Version. However, a couple important questions... 1: Do mods still work with the GoG version? 2: Can...
  8. Tymon

    Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

    This editor really screws up my unlocks/upgrades on SR3 and straight up does not work for 4 it just gives me an error, PC Steam Edition for both of them. Unable to save! Reason: Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the...
  9. Tymon

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    Separate game? Does this mean I would have to buy it even though I own 2 normally?
  10. Tymon

    Unofficial Patch v1f0.0.1 Lite (EN)

    Calling this a patch is dubious at best since that implies it fixes things, not overhauls the entire game and breaks stuff like being able to collect ammo from dropped weapons. Not to mention making it where the player basically cannot destroy vehicles with guns etc is just lame. Like, I am...
  11. Tymon

    How do I install mods?

    Uh dude, not to be mean but in almost every single mod there is, the instructions on how to install whatever mod you wanted are literally in the original post of the mod in question. As a general rule you simply drop them into the game's root folder.
  12. Tymon

    If Saints Row 5... PULL A MARVEL

    My general take on saints row 4... I loved the super powers, but honestly super moves like super sprint and super jump killed a lot of the gameplay mechanics for me. When you get the ability to simply 'run' faster than cars, and eventually glide through the air... it makes nearly all vehicles...
  13. Tymon

    SR3 Save Editor C

    Thanks for the garage change! Now I can actually use this thing to organize my garage without it 'eating' two of my vehicles. I'm pretty sure 99 is the actual max though. It won't let me store anything more and I have every single vehicle ability unlocked and whatnot.
  14. Tymon

    Loose everything on death!!!

    Is this sarcasm? Because people aren't even remotely close to being respectful to dead people. I've literally heard people say things similiar to, 'He should have picked a better spot to die in'
  15. Tymon

    Notoriety Error Fix

    Just a warning to people, V2 of this mod COMPLETELY breaks Jenny's AI in the game when called as a Homie. she just stands there after getting out of her car and has no weapon.
  16. Tymon

    Is piracy really a problem for Volition?

    I'm not sure if posting links like that would actually be allowed. You can google pirates pay more to find a number of what I'm referring to. One study proves that they buy 10 times more music and another that they buy 300% more content in general.
  17. Tymon

    Is piracy really a problem for Volition?

    My take on piracy is a pretty simple one. The fact many people blindly assume that piracy is automatically bad aren't taking into consideration that as a general rule mostly either A: The pirates can't afford to buy the game or software to begin with (Or simply can't buy it due to restrictions)...
  18. Tymon

    Compatibility between versions.

    Now that there's a DRM free version of Saints Row The Third out, is the DRM free one still compatible with people who use the steam version? Frankly, I prefer games without DRM attached, so I was thinking of buying the GOG versions for friends instead of the steam one. But if they aren't...
  19. Tymon

    SR3 Save Editor C

    97 vehicles is not the actual cap. if you take into consideration unlockables. With all vehicle unlockables unlocked, The garage holds 99. once 99 is acquired, each time the save editor is used the two over the 97 limit in the editor are just outright deleted. Please increase the limit to the...
  20. Tymon

    Genki's Actual Outfit, Usable?

    After playing the Genki Holiday special minigames, and seeing the actual legitimate genki in the intro video being used as a character, it made me sort of realize that there seems to be no genki outfit in the game that players get access to. (And no, I'm not talking about the crappy daredevil...