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  1. Orlacktherof

    Outfits don't save

    I notice every time I load a save, my saved outfits disappear. It also seems that some clothing will change colors.
  2. Orlacktherof

    WORKSHOP workshop mods won't download

    I recently deleted all my workshop mods, but re-subscribing to the workshop items won't start downloading them again. I know you guys aren't in control of steam server distributions, but does anyone have any solutions?
  3. Orlacktherof

    SR3 more colors mod?

    Been scrolling through the released mods section, but I can't seem to find any mods that give more colors to work with. Is there even a mod for more colors?
  4. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED <Obscured_slots><Obscured_slot><Slot>

    Where would I be able to find a list of all the names of the slots obscured? There's a list for obscured VIDs but not for slots edit: also does anyone know where current equipped items would be listed/stored? I might've glitched my save with an invalid piece of clothing
  5. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED obtaining dlc_customization_items.xtbl

    I wish to modify clothing from certain dlcs, but I cannot seem to find how I would get the -dlc_customization_items.xtbl files. How and where would I be able to get them?
  6. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED Thomasjepp stream2update Unhandledexception

    I've been trying to use stream2update tool to get some older mods to function, but I've been unable to get anywhere. I keep getting this error every regardless of what files it comes across. mods that I place in the directory for SRTT will give this error.
  7. Orlacktherof

    Homies no longer spawning at all

    so I've been playing the game for a while now, and started a new save some time ago, but recently I noticed something where homies won't spawn on the ship. Specifically Shaundi, Asha, Pierce and Ben. Attempting to talk to them after completing a quest chain will cause a crash/freeze once I enter...
  8. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED dlc4_customization_items.xtbl

    Is there anywhere I can find that file? trying to edit some clothing items but I can't seem to find it Also is there a chart or list somewhere that describes what every VID corresponds to?
  9. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED Locating corresponding cutmesh to item

    How would I be able to find the corresponding item to a cutmesh file that I have? I tried opening up the customization_item.asm_pc file in notepad++, but this returns alot of null values with a few text names.
  10. Orlacktherof

    SRIV Boss not importing

    Game just doesn't use the right boss. It uses my boss from a very old save that no longer exists. steam userdata folder doesn't contain any old saves. is there some sort of cache I should clear? or does the import no longer function due to outdated things?
  11. Orlacktherof

    Port Vintage Vixen hairstyle from SR:IV

    Could someone do that, or tell me how I could do that myself?
  12. Orlacktherof

    Having normal hair while wearing hats

    What line in the Customization files is it that determines if the "Hat" hair is used or not? I've been trying to find it, and thought I did, but loading up the game, I didn't see any changes.
  13. Orlacktherof

    Go-go dress

    Can someone create a mod, as to add a black belt or band around the waist of the dress?
  14. Orlacktherof

    Multiplayer with mods on

    What happens?