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  1. Quantum

    Saints Row Games Patch History

    I had this document sitting around for a while, so I thought I'd share it here just FYI: SAINTS ROW GAME VERSION HISTORY (VOLITION / STEAM) These are official Volition patch numbers for SR3 and SR4. Saints Row: The Third See Volition "PC Patch History / Notes" here...
  2. Quantum

    Saints Row vs GTA Revisited

    Over the years, I've seen so many comparisons of Saints Row to GTA, I finally decided to play a full GTA game. I never was too interested in playing GTA, but there haven't been any new Saints Row games in a long time, so I reluctantly purchased GTA 4 and decided to play the full campaign. I...
  3. Quantum

    Welcome Back Josh Stinson!

    Some great news: I missed those video streams from Josh. This is great news. Welcome back Josh! :)
  4. Quantum

    Sad news: Burt Reynolds, Steelport's favorite mayor, died today at 82 I remember how amazed I was when I first saw him in Saints Row: The Third, just as he was in Smokey and the Bandit! So cool! He will always be the mayor of...
  5. Quantum

    Saints Row IV and Agents of Mayhem banned in Saudi Arabia Apparently, Saints Row 1, 2, and 3 don't cause suicides, so those are safe. o_O I have to admit, I was happier playing Saints Row 1, 2, and 3 too, so I guess it makes sense. :p
  6. Quantum

    Red Faction Re-Mars-tered Edition Trailer

  7. Quantum

    Overload is now available on Steam

    Overload is now available on Steam: Overload is the spiritual successor of the classic game Decent (1995). Decent was the first computer game with a true 3D environment and enemies, and was created by the founder and...
  8. Quantum

    Spline Based Procedural Modeling in “Agents of Mayhem”

    Hurray! Volition is writing publications again!!! They haven't written any publications since 2014, and their past publications were always very interesting to me as a modder. I learned a lot from them. I'm so happy to see some new ones! If you've ever wanted a good look at Volition's...
  9. Quantum

    What OTHER games do you enjoy playing?

    I've been wanting to ask this for a long time. What other games do Saints Row modders enjoy playing besides Saints Row? What are games that you feel are truly exceptional? My favorite styles of games are graphically realistic and atmospheric. I'll start with my favorite open world games...
  10. Quantum

    Agents of Mayhem: Physically-Based Materials in a Stylized Open World

    It's really sad how dead the Agents of Mayhem forum is (both here and on Steam). So I thought I'd post something interesting about AOM, particularly to people who are interesting in game engine technology. This is a presentation by Volition at the 2017 Game Developers Conference entitled...
  11. Quantum

    How the Saints Save Christmas

    It's that time of year again. Time to rediscover the charms of Ye Olde Volitions past. Time to play How the Saints Save Christmas. Don't let Clawz corrupt the land! Rediscover the Turdis! Save Santa! Save Christmas, before it's too late! And it's even better with Admixon's New Textures...
  12. Quantum

    Big Layoffs Hit Agents of Mayhem Developer Volition

    Sad news: I hope it's nobody we know. :(
  13. Quantum

    NPC meshs are sometimes abandoned and are no-longer animated

    Sometimes I encounter an NPC character mesh that is frozen and not animated. Here are two examples: The first one is missing his weapon. He was frozen like a rock. The second one was stuck in the standard T-pose.
  14. Quantum

    High LOD zone did not load

    I only saw this once, but it was an interesting one. The high LOD zone did not load when I was in the city, even though I walked right up to the zone. So I was left with the low LOD zone. Here are some pictures: Cars were blocked by the low LOD zone and so were piling up when they hit it...
  15. Quantum

    Weather Mod: Non-Stop Rain

    This weather mod for Saints Row The Third makes it rain hard all the time. The rain never stops. And it's torrential! I did this mod a long time ago and it was going to be part of a larger set of weather mods, but I never got around to making more. M4v3r1ck_13 requested a permanent rain mod...
  16. Quantum

    Who's got their AOM game preloaded?

    Locked and loaded, baby! :D
  17. Quantum

    Who were your favorite Saints Row celebrity voice actors?

    EDIT: When I originally posted this, I was more thinking celebrity GUEST actors who only appeared once or twice, but I didn't word it that way, so I'm moving Daniel Dae Kim to the top of my list, because he IS Saints Row. I am just curious, who are your favorite celebrity voice actors in the...
  18. Quantum

    XBox 360 Controller doesn't work

    I haven't played SR4 in a while, and I noticed with the latest patches my XBox 360 controller doesn't work when the game starts. It used to always work fine. The XBox 360 controller always works fine with all my other games, and it works fine in Steam Big Picture mode. I am able to make it...
  19. Quantum

    Has Volition stopped writing technical publications?

    One of the things that I've always enjoyed is reading the Technical Publications on the Volition web site. I've learned a lot about how the Saints Row games work by reading those, and I've learned a lot about computer graphics in general. I've also gained an admiration for the technical...
  20. Quantum

    Happy New Year!!!

    We've still got 4 more hours of 2016 where I am, but for those in England and parts East... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D