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    SR2 Visual Overhaul Mod

    SR2 VISUAL OVERHAUL MOD This mod aims to improve the visual quality of SR2 while still being as faithful to the original game as possible. It also makes other adjustments such as increasing ped density, improving draw distance, increasing skybox boundaries, and makes debris last much longer...
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    Super Ethical Patch 3.0 Remastered Edition

    SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD REMASTERED — SUPER ETHICAL PACK This is a compilation of several mods and tweaks for Saints Row: The Third Remasted. All mods are 100% optional and can be installed separately/ mix and matched INSTALLATION: Navigate to the files you want to install, and drop them into...
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    Closer Plastic Surgeon Camera – Gat out of Hell

    NOTE: Minimaul's SRIV clothing mod, and Erza Scarlet's store menu mod required! This mod makes the plastic surgery camera closer to your face, for editing your characters face, hair, and makeup. SR:TT Version included here SRIV version INSTALL: Place Player_cust_cameras_new.xtbl in your roots...
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    SRIV Closer Plastic Surgeon Camera

    This mod makes the plastic surgery camera zoom in closer to your face, so you get a better view when editing your character's face, hair, and makeup. SR:TT Version included here Gat out of Hell Version INSTALL: Place Player_cust_cameras_new.xtbl in your SRIV roots folder...
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    Ported SRIV Outfits + Extra Clothing and Makeup Colors Mod

    This mod ports IdolNinja's and Firespite's extra clothing and extra makeup color for SRIV mod as well as most of the outfits from SRIV. You will need Minimaul's SRIV clothing mod, and Erza Scarlet's store menu mod for this to work. To install: Drop the 3 files in your Gat out of Hell roots...
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    Mr. Greens (IdolNinja)

    " Sometimes miracles actually do happen." —Mike "IdolNinja" Watson, Sr. Community Developer—DSVolition Fix some busted PC ports with this character inspired by IdolNinja's SR2 character: Mr. Greens TO INSTALL: extract IDOLNINJA.RAR using winRAR or 7zip, place the included files in your...
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    Saints Row IV: Improved TOD

    This mod removes the green tint from the "Modern" Time of Day to make it look more natural To install: Simply extract the .RAR and place "modern_tod_override.xtbl" in your roots folder—where the .exe is I highly recommend using this mod with cRAZYSAINTS's Improved Water mod Special Thanks...
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    Christmas in Stilwater

    CHRISTMAS IN STILWATER NOTE: This mod is outdated. Download better snow textures here. The original mod is included in NOVA SPE
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    Editing textures in Saints Row 2

    Editing textures in Saints Row 2 is quite easy. It isn't as tedious as Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row IV because it lacks the excessive "Russian doll" packfiles. To edit a texture you need to download Masamaru's tools and Minimaul's tools. Using ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI...
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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 for Labor of Love - Steam awards 2019

    Voting for This year's Steam awards is live now. And one of the categories is "labor of love", which is reserved only for the games that are supported lovingly by their developers years after the game's initial release. If that sounds familiar to you then you're probably already thinking about...
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    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

    SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD - SUPER ETHICAL EDITION (Classic Edition) NOTE: This version is only compatible with the classic version. Click here for the Remastered Edition The SUPER ETHICAL PATCH is a mod-pack based of Gentlemen of Steelport, updated by myself, along with the help of others. Its...
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    SR2: The "Thank you Minimaul" pack

    This mod serves as a "thank you" to Minimaul, for his hard work with the SR2 patch. ADDS a Minimaul themed startup/main menu (complete with Minimaul themed Main menu radio and pause menu theme) , Minimaul's glocks, Volition themed version of my soon-to-be-released Ultor Yacht crib fix...
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    Saints Row Money Shot is alive!

    Yet another cancelled saints row game has been giving the life it deserves. (Don't worry about Dex' faith! I have a plan...) Read it now! and lemme know what you think!
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    The Saints Row T-shirt Pack

    Saints Row T-shirt pack for Saints Row IV NOW ON STEAM WORKSHOP: UNKUT TEE OLD SCHOOL TEE Not on Steam workshop due to technical reasons (download below) SAINTS ROW 1 BALANCE TEE AND THE GLITCH T-SHIRT. To download without Workshop, simply create a "mods" folder in your roots and drop...
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    Nova Spe - SR:TT Edition

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    Modding mishaps: SR2

    Saints row the third, saints row IV and gat outta hell have modding mishaps so i just tought saints row 2 should have it's own thread. Here's me trying to add dual wwield to a 2 handed weapon I was trying to see how big I could make the boss... Feel free to upload your own mishaps.
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    editing player animations

    This tutorial will show you how to edit the player's animations. note: any file with "m" in the title(ex: GML1) is for male character's, any file with f the title instead is the female version of some of the animations in the corrisponding "m" folder. STEP 1: open up GMLl1.xtbl found in...
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    modding issues and questions

    (note: this thread has a generic name because i came across multiple bugs when modding sr2, and i didn't want to make multiple threads) I've come across a lot of bugs and issues when i attempt to mod sr2. 1: when attempting to replace the tc rose outfit from gotr with a lin outfit the game...
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    Weapon arsenal overhaul

    This mod completly changes the arsenal of weapons in sr2: GREANADE LAUNCHER(replaces pirate hook) UPGRADED LAZARUS NEW TOMBSTONE MODEL (replaces orbital launcher) NEW MODEL FOR AK47 (replaces tec9\t3k9) NEW TEXTURE FOR RPG NEW TOMMYGUN (replaces as14) NEW TEXTURE FOR AR50...
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    Game freezing at menus

    I got saints row 4 months ago and it froze whenever I went to the missions part of the pause menu my computer froze exept for a small fraction of the screen. I tought this was caused by the replayable missions mod I installed so I verified my cache on steam....four times as it didn't work. I...