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    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    strangely when I put files in my game folder it doesnt work... did I miss something? Any advice? lua script loaded but none of the keys working...
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    skin selector

    Hello, is there any mod, or is it possible to make a mod that allows to change skin? I mean to any character of the game. Just like in GTAs etc.
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    vehicle flip over

    hello, is it possible to make a mod that would allow player to flip over cars, move them or such things?
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    character changer

    Is it possible to play as any other character from the game? Like in GTAs... or is it possible to play as brute with its animations? If so is anyone willing to make it?
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    Gentlemen of the Row

    Is there any way to disable the senseless shootings between gangs and police? I mean I understand between gangs with with law enforcement it does not make any sense.
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    Winter sounds

    thanks for the info. I would also like to ask is there any mod that improves player skin textures?
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    Winter sounds

    Hi there, I just tried winter mod with snow and I like it. Is there anyone, or any possibility to remove rain sounds from the game, maybe replace it with winter sounds? Also the peds with winter clothes. Maybe snow foot steps as well. Thanks for the answer
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    Season mod: Winter

    Hey this is nice, I combined it with snowing but is there anything that can stop the rain sounds and replace it maybe with winter sounds?