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  1. Orlacktherof

    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    I'm having trouble with installing this on steam
  2. Orlacktherof

    Outfits don't save

    I notice every time I load a save, my saved outfits disappear. It also seems that some clothing will change colors.
  3. Orlacktherof

    A copious amount of colours (Remaster compatible)

    Has anyone else noticed that outfits with custom colors will get deleted when the game reloads? or it seems like the custom colors arent saved?
  4. Orlacktherof

    Share your character pictures

    Has anyone else noticed that there are slight differences in the default face when choosing character race? I always thought that option was kinda pointless, but now I noticed that even at the same build, skin and all other features being at default, the difference race options in customizations...
  5. Orlacktherof

    WORKSHOP Mini Sandbox+

    how could we get custom teleports or change the animation list?
  6. Orlacktherof

    WORKSHOP workshop mods won't download

    Update: I was able to get some of the mods to redownload, but not everything. seems to pick at random Re: no idea what happened, it decided to continue downloading after unsubscribing and resubscribing at random, despite that not working previously, various mods are also not reading apparently?
  7. Orlacktherof

    WORKSHOP workshop mods won't download

    that's where I deleted them initially, I can't seem to get steam to redownload them
  8. Orlacktherof

    WORKSHOP workshop mods won't download

    I recently deleted all my workshop mods, but re-subscribing to the workshop items won't start downloading them again. I know you guys aren't in control of steam server distributions, but does anyone have any solutions?
  9. Orlacktherof

    SR3 more colors mod?

    Been scrolling through the released mods section, but I can't seem to find any mods that give more colors to work with. Is there even a mod for more colors?
  10. Orlacktherof

    All New Character Customization

    the mod also breaks if you have a mod installed that uses one of the le_strings files
  11. Orlacktherof

    All New Character Customization

    Only put str2_PC files in there everything else gets put in the directory also install mods one at a time, some mods will conflict for absolutely no reason if they don't use the same files.
  12. Orlacktherof

    All New Character Customization

    I figured it out I think Do not use customize_player.asm files anywhere and only put .str2_PC files in the character mods folder
  13. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED <Obscured_slots><Obscured_slot><Slot>

    Where would I be able to find a list of all the names of the slots obscured? There's a list for obscured VIDs but not for slots edit: also does anyone know where current equipped items would be listed/stored? I might've glitched my save with an invalid piece of clothing
  14. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED obtaining dlc_customization_items.xtbl

    I wish to modify clothing from certain dlcs, but I cannot seem to find how I would get the -dlc_customization_items.xtbl files. How and where would I be able to get them?
  15. Orlacktherof

    All New Character Customization

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. Orlacktherof

    All New Character Customization

    So I'm trying too use this mod, but it's causing a crash on the game attempting to load. I can get as far as the main menu but beyond that I just crash. I moved all my mods that I use into the "Your_character_mods_here" folder but I'm not sure what to do beyond that. I suspect that there might...
  17. Orlacktherof

    SOLVED Thomasjepp stream2update Unhandledexception

    I've been trying to use stream2update tool to get some older mods to function, but I've been unable to get anywhere. I keep getting this error every regardless of what files it comes across. mods that I place in the directory for SRTT will give this error.
  18. Orlacktherof

    Homies no longer spawning at all

    Started a new save, Asha appears in the cutscene, but will not appear once the gameplay begins
  19. Orlacktherof

    Homies no longer spawning at all

    I uninstalled all my mods and it didn't fix the problem. and then I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that still didn't fix the problem. I'm considering starting an entirely new save.