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  1. Ne-1u

    Double,triple Jump

    Maybe port the SR4 mod, thx
  2. Ne-1u

    Homies & NPCs Homies Revive other Homies

    Join homies revive fallen homies. Also if possible revive player as well like in co-op play.
  3. Ne-1u

    Homies & NPCs DEX more Health

    Would cool if Dex would have more Health instead of being and easy kill, maybe also spawn more Dex's with plenty of health. Would be funny chasing 5 Dexes around. XD
  4. Ne-1u

    Daytime/ Alternative Days of time

    Daytime in GOOH :cool:
  5. Ne-1u

    The Bear vehicle (No cool down wait)

    The Bear vehicle with a mounted machine gun. No cool down wait time. I love doing the trafficking activities with this beast vehicle. ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͡ °_̯͡° )=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿
  6. Ne-1u

    Winter Edition Mod

    Winter Edition mod from SR4. Would luv to see this mod come to Sr3.
  7. Ne-1u

    Neon- jewelry/clothes

    Glowing jewelry or clothes :cool: Neon colors like the cars
  8. Ne-1u

    Streets of Rage -Mode-

    Hand to Hand combat, No Guns. Streets fights maybe using melee weapons only. Would be cool to fight gangs that use bats and swords... chainsaws. That way I make good use of those beat-downs. ;)
  9. Ne-1u

    Fight more Arch Dukes

    A mod that lets you fight (or spawn) 2 or more Arch Dukes :)