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  1. Arglaar

    Gang Plus One (Saints Heroes Gang)

    There is a text file inside the mod named GPO v12 - Readme.txt that has installation instructions in it. Perhaps you should read it.
  2. Arglaar

    Crash when encountering Minigun Brutes with an edited weapons.xtml file

    You're going to have to provide more information.
  3. Arglaar

    Saints Row IV Blender Support or At least way to Just Edit Mesh

    Per OP's request, this thread has been closed due to them having figured out the answer. The OP is currently working on a separate tutorial thread where they will be outlining the answer to this question in depth.
  4. Arglaar

    Just having some forum issues

    You didn't wait long enough for the forum's automatic scripts to enable your access to that area. It should be working now.
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    Compilation Things To Do In Dominatrix - Family-Friendly Edition

    Yea, I saw you were in the Phillipines. I'm not sure how much it costs for NetCafe access but if you were to go to Starbucks and get access there (not sure how you do that, whether it comes with a coffee purchase or you have to buy it directly) you should be able to connect your laptop and...
  6. Arglaar

    I need help!!!!

    This is an English-only website. Please translate your post to English. 这是一个英语网站。 请将您的帖子翻译成英语。 (Google提供的翻译)
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    Compilation Things To Do In Dominatrix - Family-Friendly Edition

    Could you take your laptop to the netcafe and borrow their internet connection? What about a Starbucks?
  8. Arglaar

    Compilation Things To Do In Dominatrix - Family-Friendly Edition

    If your laptop does not have an internet connection, how did you download the mod in the first place?
  9. Arglaar

    Moto's SRIV Monster and Motor Madness

    Thread closed as per OP's request.
  10. Arglaar

    Followed installation instructions yet no mods are taking effect

    Beep, you'll need to merge those mods together. You can find instructions on how to do so here: It's posted in the SR4 forum, but the method is the same. Tales of Gaming, try creating a new thread for your own...
  11. Arglaar

    Sandbox+ for SRTT

  12. Arglaar

    Alternate Character Customization

    Noted. I haven't actually tried it myself but I knew it was possible to do.
  13. Arglaar

    Alternate Character Customization

    FOR THE RECORD. It IS POSSIBLE to move your steam library to a DIFFERENT location. Here is the steam support article that tells you how: Just because it's not installed directly in the steam folder, doesn't mean it's a pirated...
  14. Arglaar

    Smaller breasts than 0 sex appeal

    This is an English language only forum. Translation services provided by google.
  15. Arglaar

    New Textures Project Collection

    If he wants to "Leak" info about his own mods, he can.
  16. Arglaar

    Crib Mod

    Well, I personally, have never been a fan of the workshop. I prefer to handle installing and removing mods myself, so I would use a non workshop version over a workshop version if it was available. That being said, it's your mod and you can host it however you want. If he wants to use it...
  17. Arglaar

    Crib Mod

    Not necessarily. Maybe he just doesn't want to use the workshop. Tanuith, go ahead and link a screenshot of the game in your Steam Library and I'm sure that Fan of Saints might be convinced to provide a non-workshop version of the mod.
  18. Arglaar

    Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer

    Even if you delete something, trying to hid it, we can see it. We can always see it.
  19. Arglaar

    Breast Expansion Mod

    Indeed. As a reminder, when reporting Pirates, please report the post, and not the user directly as this can lead to duplicate reports for the same thing. (The forum system will group all reports together into one if multiple people report a post, etc, but if you report both the post and the...
  20. Arglaar

    mod not work help plz

    This thread gave me cancer.