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  1. sizustar

    New free pack?

    360 seems to have gotten some DLC that Steam don't have yet. We should probabely get them later this week Bling Bling Pack, $2.99: We’re bringing bling back to the Row with this set of money-themed superpowers. In these hard financial times, what better way to boost the economy than to power...
  2. sizustar

    How the Saints Save Christmas DLC 12/11

    Odd, am I the only one that can't get this dlc to run? When I activate it tells me to return to the ship, and go to the rec room with computer, when I go there, the games go dark, and I'm back in the ship, but now I can use superpower and weapon, check the quest, and it tells me to return ot the...
  3. sizustar

    Removed Hair Restrictions
  4. sizustar

    Smaller Charater

    Well, someone from Volition is trying to figure it out for us.
  5. sizustar

    Smaller Charater

    The old method doesn't work in SR IV, the game force you to change size to default size. You can read more about it here. Until Voliation allow us to change the hard code size change...
  6. sizustar

    Saints Row IV DLC info thread

    Updated, thanks for the info~ I'll try to get a video of the recitifier And I need to know, which one is available on w hich currently, the last 4, I know isn't on PC/Steam yet, are they available on PS3 and 360 only currently?
  7. sizustar

    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    Try Ears 50 50 100 20 30 80 50 100 75 50 40 95 100 35
  8. sizustar

    Saints Row IV DLC info thread

    This is a thread to try to gather info/screenshot/movie on all the DLC that have been released so far. Saints Row IV: The Executive Privilege Pack This DLC adds Super power related Cheats to the game CAR MASS HOLE 100% SUPERPOWER...
  9. sizustar

    Comic Costume?

    Well, it's possible to "color" the default nude skin to match comic book heroine tight, like the Samus Zero suit I'm currently using, but that's only if someone wants to do it.
  10. sizustar

    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    I play on PC, not on console, I thought my steam profile and SR profile made that clear..
  11. sizustar

    SPOILERS Can I get the end of game weapon?

    You'll have to use Idol's additional cheat mod to get it.
  12. sizustar

    Just curious about Boss editor

    You can see people's Boss in the Share your character topic
  13. sizustar

    SPOILERS Disable Forced outfit change

    Thanks, that'll be very helpful~ I'll post result later. Hmm...not in sr3_city_missions.vpp_pc, that's all the side quest like blazing, etc.
  14. sizustar

    Modding Mishaps - SRIV version

    Using the extended taunts, certain taunt will spawn item, and they stay behind.
  15. sizustar

    SPOILERS Disable Forced outfit change

    I know the spaceship force change is in the game_lib.lua' on lines 5401-5443 But I'm trying to find the force change lua for 50's mission Escape from Zyniak's ship Asha's loyality mission Final Mission.
  16. sizustar

    Modding Mishaps - SRIV version

    Tested out a few more stuff with Idol's preload_anim.vpp_pc In my game, it's not just PC and NPC spinning, Signs and backgrond object will do so too. Taunts Penetrator Street of Saints and CG scene. Size change mod not working in SR IV
  17. sizustar

    Name suggestions for SRIV SDK

    Shaundi's Stash Pierce's Playtoy Matt's Modding tool
  18. sizustar

    ronin suits

    And it's still not possible, because NPC uses a different mesh then Player character. Until we get the SDK, it is not possible.
  19. sizustar

    ronin suits

    NPC outfit is not possible
  20. sizustar

    Make up visibility mod (real world)

    The change is in 'misc.vpp_pc\game_lib.lua' on lines 5401-5443. Probabely change the local clear_facewear = true to local clear_facewear = false