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  1. pleasegofuk

    Shrek Player Model

    What the fuck? How did you make a custom model for SR2? I thought decoding meshes and reimporting them was impossible...
  2. pleasegofuk

    We Lost.

    Volition is now owned by Gearbox. They fell apart after that horrible release called Saints Row (Seriously what were they thinking?) and got gobbled up as many corporations do by bigger megacorporations. You know who Gearbox is, right? The Borderlands team! Expect them to either forget all...
  3. pleasegofuk

    SR2 Visual Overhaul Mod

    It looks great overall! :D 1 question tho, can you remove the ridiculous, cartoony blue windows thing? Not sure if that's texture related or something else entirely, but I've grown sick of seeing it and it looks out of place and unrealistic. Thanks!
  4. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row Reboot!

    SaintsGodzilla is under an NDA and probably buddy-buddy with the company so of course he's not going to badmouth the game. Just like what happened in previous titles where people claimed it was "nothing like" what we would see... Remember when people said Fallout 76 would be like Fallout New...
  5. pleasegofuk

    Idol Ninja

    RIP Mike... :( This is a sad day for Saints indeed...
  6. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row - Self Made (2022)

    So we all know the new Saints Row game is a reboot and is coming February of 2022. A lot of people, myself included aren't necessarily happy with this newest installment judging by the CGI trailer(s) we were shown during the Gamescom event. I know people say not to put all your eggs in one...
  7. pleasegofuk

    Why I hate the Saints row fanbase, Part II. (rant)

    Hmmm... you know what, people said the same thing with SR3's CG trailer... so we probably can't give this game too much hate. However with games these days being nothing but disappointments *cough cough* Cyberpunk It makes me wary to trust any future games that come out these days.
  8. pleasegofuk

    Why I hate the Saints row fanbase, Part II. (rant)

    I only hope to god that's the case, and the CGI trailer = /= actual gameplay.
  9. pleasegofuk

    Why I hate the Saints row fanbase, Part II. (rant)

    What on earth are you talking about? More grounded my ass. They went a complete 180. It's no longer gangsters, it's hipsters. When the trailer first debuted my first impression was that it was Watch Dogs game, not a Saints Row game. This new release has utterly tarnished the franchise in its...
  10. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row Reboot!

    Can we please discuss how.... Nah, screw it. Johnny Gat didn't deserve to die for this.
  11. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row 2 Models Export Tool (cmesh, smesh, car)

    Any way to reasonably get this to work with .peg files or anything by any chance? I want to take a crack at extracting the whole Saints Row 2 Purgatory Crib, and so far, Ninjaripper and other ripping tools have resulted in broken UV maps.
  12. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming... I hope

    Looking forwards to the SR2 remaster, still. Even if it takes another year, I wouldn't mind waiting. Not exactly like we have people overhyping this like so many AAA games coming out these days.
  13. pleasegofuk

    No Peds / No Traffic Mode?

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a million bucks, but seems like ambient saints still spawn in the crib when I disable pedestrians 🤔
  14. pleasegofuk

    No Peds / No Traffic Mode?

    Any way to get all ambient peds / gangs and traffic to be turned off so it doesn't spawn? Trying to get a clean shot of an area and peds keep spawning in. Even if I kill them, throw them away, and walk 4 steps away, they appear again after I turn around. Any way to turn these stupid peds off...
  15. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row 2 High Quality Texture Pack

    Please, the question is killing me on the inside... How did you extract the SR2 chunk files???
  16. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row 2 Peg Texture Tool

    I got it. I read the document and didn't know you had to have BOTH .peg_pc and .g_peg_pc in the same folder together.
  17. pleasegofuk

    Rare Vehicle Cheats (includes Additional Cheats) v5

    Look harder, bro. This is PC only! Unless you manage to find a fake Xbox which is really just a Steambox. Anyways, what Admixon said.
  18. pleasegofuk

    Infinite loading screen

    you reinstall all your old mods, exactly 100%?
  19. pleasegofuk

    Saints Row 1 Drugs

    Use Notepad. :)