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  1. Fan of Saints

    Re: Flippy's video

    It's been quite a while since I posted anything and while I don't have anything substantive to add, I can't help but express how saddened I am by all this. Frankly, I feel that I, too, had my small yet nonetheless shameful contribution to the current state of things – I actually ignored Admixon...
  2. Fan of Saints

    Compilation Things To Do In Dominatrix - Family-Friendly Edition

    Actually, I moved out of my family town and started college this year (computational linguistics, to be exact). I've been drowning in academic work these days, updating Saints Row mods is way down on my current list of worries, unfortunately. I haven't touched this pack for quite a while, I'd...
  3. Fan of Saints

    DeLoren (Workshop modding contest)

    I've just released V1.8.1, which fixes some situations where music wouldn't play after teleporting to Pleasantville. I'm quite certain there's nothing else I could improve here so it's probably the last update.
  4. Fan of Saints

    SupperHawt Pack (Workshop modding contest)

    If you ever wanted to use Crib Mod and SupperHawt Pack together, I've combined them into Crib Mod + SupperHawt Pack: Final Release. Up till now they weren't compatible with each other because they both constantly executed prompt cleanup function, it's no longer an issue when they share the same...
  5. Fan of Saints

    Crib Mod

    I've just released the Final Release of this mod, along with several minor fixes and improvements it now contains SupperHawt Pack. Up till now they weren't compatible with each other because they both constantly executed prompt cleanup function, it's no longer an issue when they share the same...
  6. Fan of Saints

    Notoriety and Homies Tweak

    There actually used to be Talk Like a Pirate Day back in this forum's glory days, pirates directly admitting to having downloaded a game from Skidrow or torrents were so common that they became our inside joke at some point. Piracy is one thing, but when one asks for help with mods on a forum...
  7. Fan of Saints

    Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV

  8. Fan of Saints

    SuperUI for SR2 v2.9 (No exit prompts in menus, HUD enhancements, better Weapons Cache & More!)

    Whoa, a fully functional mission loader! I've been looking forward to it for so many years, seriously, it's like a dream come true. ^^ I'll try it out as soon as I finish my supper, it already sounds delightful, though. I've been keeping track of your Saints Row 2 mods for a while now and, to be...
  9. Fan of Saints

    SOLVED How to delete vehicle?

    Um, this isn't the best way to do it, not really. A much more convenient one is to install IdolNinja's Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer, it allows you to remove any reward/DLC vehicle manually in the garage menu. You don't need to deactivate the entire DLC pack, that's overkill.
  10. Fan of Saints

    Saints Row 1 Drugs

    Now this looks interesting, I'm gonna try it out in the evening. ^^
  11. Fan of Saints

    Gentlemen of the Zin Empire (Trying to do it)

    Pretty much, yeah.
  12. Fan of Saints

    More Mission Checkpoints (v0.7)

    Game crashes when I attempt to skip Jailbreak, after picking one of dialog options. It also crashes when I launch Jailbreak in replay mode.
  13. Fan of Saints

    [DEPRECATED] Random Loading Screen Tips v0.2

    Quite a neat idea, though your current tips are way too obvious. You should include something more useful than "grenades explode" or "if your vehicle explodes while you are in it, you instantly die".
  14. Fan of Saints

    Vehicle Camera First Person Mod by quantumsingularity86

    I don't play with a controller so I can't test it myself, but nonetheless, I'm glad someone finally fixed it. ^^
  15. Fan of Saints

    SR2 Crosshair Mod Fixed

    Now that it works, I like your new crosshairs a lot, they're way better than vanilla circle ones. Keep up the good work!
  16. Fan of Saints

    Word Association

  17. Fan of Saints

    SR2 Crosshair Mod Fixed

    Um... It seems like you forgot to include interface-backend.g_peg_pc, there's only interface-backend.peg_pc.
  18. Fan of Saints

    Word Association

  19. Fan of Saints

    Word Association

    Space bar