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  1. Arioh

    SR:GooH | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Good glitch... Sadly that there no chance to have wings permanently spawned...
  2. Arioh

    SRR | Share your characters pics

    Mine old boss need some rest, he looks so tired...
  3. Arioh

    SRR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Trying out new chracter... Yea, he perfectly blends in...
  4. Arioh

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Im only, who geniue enjoyed LARP quests both in main game and in DLC?
  5. Arioh

    SRR | Share your characters pics

    He badly need a good stylist...
  6. Arioh

    SRR | Share your characters pics

    Just my current character.
  7. Arioh

    SRR | Share your characters pics

    My Shaman
  8. Arioh

    SRR | Share your characters pics

    Really hope for proper plaid pattern for kilt...
  9. Arioh

    Bodyhair for male character

    Can anyone mod proper bodyhair in place of tattoos for male boss character?
  10. Arioh

    SR:TTR | Share your character pictures

    Nothing Special, just a modern time barbarian...
  11. Arioh

    Testing Mods to confirm crashes

    Extended Taunts v1.1 - Game launches, save boots up, IAD works normal, but when you trying to upen taunt or compliment menu - game grashes. Thus - mod not working.
  12. Arioh

    My Steelport emulator

    Still, all facial and body sliders are same (one or two just need set in mirrored). I in all sr pc games use same character. I used sr2 fface slider values, and got more or less similair face in sr3( 4 gooh, 3remsster)
  13. Arioh

    [Steam Workshop] Agents of Mayhem items for SRIV

    Any chance to see Rama's outfit for both genders?
  14. Arioh

    Hair and beards

    Seconds this. My SR3/4 char really misses his rich beard, that he had in SR2...
  15. Arioh

    Agents of Mayhem gameplay details!

    Initially i was rather sceptical about AoM... but gameplay trailers sold me out.... preordered :)
  16. Arioh

    WORKSHOP Saints Row IV Steam Workshop modding contest!

    Well, i simply didnt have enough skills to create a good mod, thats why i even didnt tried to join competition. All that i can do in sr modding - shitty retextures and small changes in configs...
  17. Arioh

    Body Slider mod for SR2

    when you building GOTR patch, put files to the next path: {your GOTR mod folder, where .bat file presented}\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE placing files in that folder, and building patch
  18. Arioh

    All New Character Customization

    Jedi, can i ask? I sometime ago modified your mod for my needs, can i publish my altered version? all credits will be saved.
  19. Arioh

    Extended sliders for MALES

    Well, i used same steps as Motosxorpio writed.. its rather simple