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    AOM modding question

    hi, does anyone know if when unpacked this game has tweakable xtbl files? been unpacking the archives but haven't found anything worth messing with yet.
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    Saints Row: The Third disable fov zooming while driving?

    wooo finally figured it out, have to set every vehicles max fov to 55 and then adjust the follow distances to make up for the lower fov.
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    Saints Row: The Third disable fov zooming while driving?

    setting camera_fov_scale to something like 0.8 seems to reduce the fov zooming but only on some vehicles like the taxi, others, it still zooms the fov more than i would like, the faster you drive. can someone please help?
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    Saints Row: The Third disable fov zooming while driving?

    do anyone know how to stop the fov zooming when you drive fast? i tried fiddling with <camera_fov_scale> and camera sticky settings but no change am i looking at the wrong settings?
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    has anyone got a list of vehicles to match to vehicle file name?

    as topic says is there a list somewhere of all the vehicles matched with in game names?
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    Additional Cheats

    cool mod, def have to try this, thanks for sharing!
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    Any plans for Volition about the next Saints Row game and (maybe) re-releasing Saints Row 2

    i'm quite looking forward to agents of mayhem and have recently installed sr2-4 and have made some progress on each one, loving sr4 though, really funny. also looking forward to crackdown 3, i know it's nothing to do with sr but it sounds crazy. pc gamer btw, i think these games are best...
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    Saints Row IV low health screen effects

    oh, doh! i've actually got rid of the vignettes, well the ones ingame, not related to low health screen effects. i edited all the district files and set vignette amount and film grain to zero. no longer have darkened screen corners while playing now. i'll add those lines and see what happens...
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    Saints Row IV low health screen effects

    i couldn't locate those lines to change either.
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    Saints Row IV low health screen effects

    hi, sorry, my bad, i looked again and found; --Since we don't have regen health, the vignette should match the health pct vint_set_property(, "alpha", vignette_pct) but the below bit is not in my hud.lua file; local vignette_multiplier = 0...
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    Saints Row IV low health screen effects

    hi, thanks for replying, i had a look in the hud.lua file but couldn't find the lines below the "since we.." lines, are they in a different file?
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    Will be Agents of Mayhem compatible with Windows 7 and playable offline?

    the state of just cause 3 should give a reason for not using such a restrictive copy protection.
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    Saints Row IV low health screen effects

    does anyone know if it's possible to disable the screen effects when your health is low, the same files i used to do this on red faction guerrilla and armageddon do not exist in the saints games, i know they are different games but there are files that reference rfg in sr4, possibly in the...
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    long time lurker, sharing two mods i made

    first is for red faction guerrilla, gives it a new look / feel. i also made one for armageddon but you have to manually install it yourself both are works in progress but are...