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  1. Big Wolf 113

    SWAT mod

    Sorry, I have just seen your message unfortunately. I am looking into a solution for your request. I think it's possible, but I am not very good at coding, so it might take me some time. If I ever find a solution I'll let you know and publish it.
  2. Big Wolf 113

    Help with Learning Homies.xtbl Modding

    Have you figured out how to call multiple vehicles at once? Because I managed to spawn a helicopter full of swat members but I'd like to be able to spawn two at a time.
  3. Big Wolf 113

    Saints Row 2: Extracting and Replacing audio

    can you send the link again? Because it's not working and I really need it
  4. Big Wolf 113

    SWAT mod

    Alright thanks, I'm new here so I wasn't sure where to place it.
  5. Big Wolf 113

    SWAT mod

    It should work for both, but I've only tried it on the remastered version.
  6. Big Wolf 113

    SWAT mod

    SWAT mod by Big Wolf 113 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you like SWAT in SR3, but calling them once from your phone isn't enough for you? Well this mod adds SWAT team members trough more homies from your phone: -The...