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  1. Darxxx

    NPC behaviour and spawn mod

    Great mod. Except those grenade launcher cops being a real pain in the ass, until I nerfed the nade launcher to fire Luchadore grenades. Got tired of getting randomly blown up in a car, while casually driving around with 1 wanted level, and just happened to pass by a cop armed with one. Now they...
  2. Darxxx

    How to mod vehicle health in missions?

    Nvm, I did a workaround, i just made most bullet weapons do reduced damage to vehicles in general. It affects all vehicles, not just mission ones, which isn't what i wanted (makes explosive weapons almost mandatory for dealing with them), but at least the missions are now playable. I'd still...
  3. Darxxx

    How to get weapons to use more then 1 ammo per shot

    I'm modding the Gravedigger (gang shotgun), and I want to make it that 2 and 3 barrels upgrades use 2 and 3 shells per shot, respectively. I put in the appropriate strings in the Weapon Upgrades XTBL file, <Ammo_per_Shot>2</Ammo_per_Shot> <Ammo_per_Shot_OM>OM_REPLACE</Ammo_per_Shot_OM> for...
  4. Darxxx

    AOM modding question

    Sure, unpack the misc_tables, most of the things worth modding are in there. Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Characters, all non-dlc vehicles (some don't have all stats, you'll have to add lines for some), Explosions, spawn tables (NPC stats, including health, damage output etc). You can also mod...
  5. Darxxx

    How to mod vehicle health in missions?

    Example, the DLC mission where you man a turret on a Bulldog and fight off aliens, that thing is too easy to destroy now that i beefed up all weapons, and it doesn't seem to have the same health as the normal Bulldog cars. How do i edit the HPs for it? Same thing for Jimmy's car in the other...
  6. Darxxx

    How To Mod SR3 DLC characters health and stuff?

    In regular game, it's done through spawn_info_ranks but I can't find any such file in DLCs when I extract them. I'd like to make the Alien chicks tougher, for example (since i buffed up all DLC weapons, they are now too easy to kill).