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  1. ``~Scre@m~``

    Saints Row 4 First Person View *ALPHA STAGE*

    hi. youd better ask zolika1351. He made a mod that supports SR3.. maybe hell take interest in SR4..
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    My mostly beloved character in SR3
  3. ``~Scre@m~``

    Mission Replay V1.1

    Can you please tell how to glitch above the sky limit ? I cant reach marker for "part 3 finale" mission. UPD: Found this one. Is this the glitch you've been talking about ?
  4. ``~Scre@m~``

    Mission Replay for Saints Row IV

    Guys already told that the problem behind MR, is that, SR4 was released on consoles and used memory pools because of limited console's hardware. You have to switch memory pool to load certain mission, but memory pools are hardcoded into the game (*.exe/*.xex file), so its impossible to do so...
  5. ``~Scre@m~``

    Sandbox+ for Saints Row IV

    Hey guys, any info on replay mod/limitless patch ?
  6. ``~Scre@m~``

    Mission Replay for Saints Row IV

    bumpin old threads ?
  7. ``~Scre@m~``

    Saints Row 4 First Person View *ALPHA STAGE*

    Am i the only one who have my character's head wont disappear after wearing fleur necklace ?
  8. ``~Scre@m~``

    Mission Replay for Saints Row IV

    Great news Idol ! I cant wait to replay everything with my friends ;)
  9. ``~Scre@m~``

    Toggle dual-wielding

    i would give you high five if all these guns had appearances.. for example i wanna have 1 handed tommy gun.. not 2..
  10. ``~Scre@m~``

    Ship TOD controls unlock early

    this mod + easy unlocker = almost like a replay mod.. almost...
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    Additional Cheats

    How abot this ? more specificaly #11th post..
  12. ``~Scre@m~``

    Additional Cheats

    Oh right ! I forgot about save editor... I used it for removing "NO DAMAGE" penalty for fire and bullets in SR:TT. Thanks for your reply ill look forward into save editor now :3
  13. ``~Scre@m~``

    Additional Cheats

    Wow thanks for the reply... Okay then... :( Is it possible to create a mod that will disable specified upgrades ? Too lazy to start everythin all over :p Thats the reason why im waiting for a glorious replay mod <3
  14. ``~Scre@m~``

    Additional Cheats

    hello is it possible for you guys to add cheat that will disable "Tornado" effect when you supersprinting? thats very annoyin to get notoriety while you just want run on the streets...