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  1. ThatsMe

    SR4 Removed & Beta Content (New thread)

    It was on a dev portfolio, the images in my post are down because I hosted them on discord which recently made links non permanent (I'll update that later) There is nothing else I could find, iirc I went through all developers that worked on the game and all I found was this and what I posted...
  2. ThatsMe

    SPOILERS Saints Row 4 Morph And Homies Mod

    I literally told you above why there will never be any news
  3. ThatsMe

    SR:TT beta build from 2009

    Might as well revive this
  4. ThatsMe

    Modding Emotes

    Probably because you can't, due to the fact that there's no tools
  5. ThatsMe

    Slick TOD's

    There are unused LUT's somewhere in the files and they can be reused, one of them is very green and was used in ETD as daytime, my remake of that was pretty much the SR3 ported daytime but with that ETD LUT But it's worth to note that ETD had different TODs for alien and saint controlled...
  6. ThatsMe

    Slick TOD's

    There has been no progress since the last post because i haven't been interested in modding Saints Row as of lately, my old version had ETD TOD's recreated but the files are gone at this point because i was stupid to delete my entire SR4 install without backing up any of the files i had at that...
  7. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    No, most of animations got removed in SR4 and it wouldn't support it's super powered combat
  8. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    Still not released
  9. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    The knife is not preloaded and i don't know how to preload assets, anyway this would also cause issues with other mods same with the fact that there's an animation limit so bunch of animations would have to be removed to make room for GOOH ones I've done GOOH takedowns for SR4 before but after...
  10. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    I think i tested them at some point but they weren't as good as other animations, maybe i can repurpose it into a finisher or something though, that being said - i'm unsure when the next version of this mod will drop but a lot of work is already done as mentioned in my post
  11. ThatsMe

    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Worked fine on windows 7, boss factory however doesn't launch so i assume it's the same for the main game
  12. ThatsMe

    SPOILERS Weapons and Skins of Santo Ileso

    Ill just drop these here since they aren't in the thread yet, no clue what their names are but the last one is most definitely "Nahualli Pistol"
  13. ThatsMe

    Slick TOD's

    Mod is back in production, attempting to remake PAX Demo night time And ofcourse i recreated the four SR3 tod's aswell, here's a pic of daytime one
  14. ThatsMe

    List of LUT's

    List of colors lookup tables also known as LUT's They can be used inside .todx files, i have directly extracted all names from skybox.vpp_pc. Example <lut_filename>lut_classicday</lut_filename> List lut_2d lut_3count lut_alienzone_night lut_alienzone_noon lut_andyc lut_bandw lut_blue_pd...
  15. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    Update coming soon: -Mod reworked from scratch, it's no longer a buggy mess and i managed to get the new melee moves to work properly this time -The updated melee moves work just like Saints Row 2 or Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell, you have to punch the enemy few times and then it will trigger a...
  16. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    Going to SR4 Topic - Some of the melee animations that were restored in this mod are left in SR4 aswell, but ofcourse not all of them, it's possible to port them but some need to be removed (if using sandbox+) because there's animation limits, also they don't do any super punches, so they're...
  17. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    I can't change the speed, there's no way, as for no damage then it depends how close you're standing, at some point I will remake the mod and put the combos to seem more random since at this point they're all one after each other which kinda ruins it
  18. ThatsMe

    WORKSHOP Slick Armory

    Currently it's dead but I will return to it at some point
  19. ThatsMe

    WORKSHOP Slick Armory

    Testing npc's with new weapons Along with new weapon - Rusty Cleaver (Machete)