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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    Fuck if I know (yet.)
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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    No plans to do that. We do not want to set any incorrect expectations. It will all be announced when it's ready.
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    How to set up the vanilla patch in gentlemen of the row

    No it won't. That's just the vanilla patch with resolution and language support. No fixes.
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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    Very wrong and very dumb.
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    Source Control (Custom Mission)

    The description made me laugh this morning. :)
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    SRIV | Share your character pictures

    Dem cape physics. Damn.
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    Saints Row 2 Calling all Gentlemen of the Row modders! (SR2 PC update)

    Rise from your graves! Word has come down from the powers-that-be to approve adding in some community fixes and tweaks to the upcoming Saints Row 2 PC Steam patch! I am currently reviewing this additional content with Volition Studio Development Director Jim Boone, and I would like to credit...
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    Gentlemen of Steelport Compilation

    You can grab anything SR3 related from my old site here:
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    Saints Row 2 Questions about upcoming patch and source code

    Our focus in on the Steam Windows version which all other SR2 PC ports are based on. We can't comment beyond that. Saints Row 2 has a lot of middleware like Havok that would need to be stripped out of the source. For one, that's a lot of work that we can't commit to with our current resources...
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    Sandbox+ for SRTT

    Should be fine at the start of the game. Not really sure what's going on or what might be incompatible though. Maybe try running the asm updater just in case?
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    Sandbox+ for SRTT

    the sandbox+ city lua should replace the mission replay one, as it also contains all the needed replay functions. Can't think of any other reason it could possibly crash.
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    IdolNinja: "Sometimes miracles actually do happen."

    Thanks for this. I needed a huge laugh today.