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    SRIV Ported Weapons Textures Do Not Load

    Too bad. As a workaround this, do you know if it is possible to change the color of the vanilla texture, so the weapons would atleast be black instead of grey?
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    SRIV Ported Weapons Textures Do Not Load

    I see. Well if that is the case, how is that when I am using weapons without mods or ports, the textures load for the npcs, even when I have a different weapon selected? For instance, in "The Powder Room" mission, npcs are using gang rifles and I decide to use a gang smg, and all textures are...
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    SRIV Ported Weapons Textures Do Not Load

    Does anyone know why textures of ported SRIV non-player weapons sometimes do not load?
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    Hairstyle Customization

    Hello. I need some help on trying to add a secondary color and design to the male hairstyle "Rugged Class". I'm trying to add the knotted end of a bandana (i.e. Rambo's headband) around the back of the hair style, but it's not working. The file is custmesh_-129951475. When I try drawing in my...
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    SR:TT | Share your cool/funny screenshots

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    SR:TT | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    "Plissken". "Call me Snake".
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    Bomber Jacket Port

    Hello. I need some help. I'm trying to port the SRIV Bomber Jacket over to SRTT. I successfully unpacked/switched/repacked the SRIV Bomber Jacket with the SRTT Bomber Jacket, updated the ASM files and was able to get it to work on my character the first time in-game. However, every time I exit...
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    Instant Notoriety

    Hello. Does anyone know if it's possible to set instant gang notoriety if a rival gang detects you walking, driving, etc. on the street? I've been playing around with settings in the notoriety xtbl table, which allows you to set gang or police detection for robberies, assaults, thefts, alerts...
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    Invisible Weapons

    Does anyone know if we can make weapon models invisible in SRTT? In SRIV we could do it by changing entries in weapon_costumes.xtbl, but that table doesn't appear to exist for SRTT.
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    SR:TT | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Just testing out a little video editing project: This is my first time doing something like this, so all comments are welcome on how to improve. Thanks for watching.
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    Camera Positioning For High Jumping

    Hello. I was playing around with the jump and dive roll lines in the tweak table.xtbl and may have found a way to jump higher: The only problem is I don't know what xtbl file controls the camera, so that it follows you, when you jump high. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    SRIV | Share your character pictures

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    Weapon texture problem

    Recently, I swapped the pack files between Agent of Mayhem's "Rama bow gun" and SRIV's Alien Laser Rifle for an Avenger's Hawkeye Mod. However, every time my character changes weapons from the laser rifle to another firearm, the texture pattern on the NPC's bow gun changes from the modded cpeg...
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    SRIV | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Avengers Assemble... ...Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther/ Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wonder-Man. With Captain America;).
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    NPC Weapon Loadout

    **Update*** I figured it out; took me a year though 🥴. Go to character xtbl. and look for <Spawn_Info_Rank> within the character line you're looking at. In Matt Miller's case (npc_Matt_sim) his <Spawn_Info_Rank> is Homie - Josh, who is located with the spawn_info_ranks.xtbl. I guess all of...