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    Saints Themed Billboards!

    I'm working on it but you know, life gets in the way.... I'm not sure if I a billboard mod can be uploaded to the workshop as you need to patch it in yourself but rest assured, when I get my data back, I'll look into it. Again, Really nice to know people still care after all this time!
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    Modding Methods

    I also think it would be cool if we had some updates, I really want to make some reskins for the agents.
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    FOR DEVELOPERS: In progress mod tools

    No, AOM uses a newer engine so it most likely won't work. You can use Minimaul's other tools designed for SRTT though.
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    Admixon's ReShade Preset for AoM

    Absolutely beautiful! The bloom in ver.1 is a bit much for me but ver.2 is perfect.
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    Saints Themed Billboards!

    Wow, I didn't expect to get this much reception! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but the PC I was using to work on the mod crapped out. So, I built a new one and am currently in the processes of recovering my old data. On top of that, I've been having some account verification...
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    Saints Themed Billboards!

    Holly shit, senpai noticed me! Thanks Idol!
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    Saints Themed Billboards!

    A project to expand on gameqube's SRTT look mod. Here a few some screenshots: Bloodjack's The Real Iron Saint armor MK3 used in screenshots. Intended for use in post-game. Update (11/3/2017): Wow, I didn't expect to get this much reception! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a...
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    Homies keep original outfits

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    Homies keep original outfits

    Any chance we could get them as entirely new homies? Like, in the hub they could be called 'Sim Kinzie .etc'?
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    No more Tornado Upgrade

    Cool! Now I can super sprint in between cars like the Flash without destroying the whole city in the process! Thanks!
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    Removed Sky Limit

    Ah, it's cool. I like it, it makes the sky look all techo-y. Cool mod!
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    Removed Sky Limit

    Will it still aesthetically show the red Zin border?
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    Mission Replay V1.1

    I think I found out what the problem is, you most likely already finished all the missions. If so, the game is freaking out because this mod is telling it that there are more story missions to complete but the fact that you already beat the game is telling it that there aren't. Anyways the only...