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    Visuals & Graphics Reshade Preset (upload Here)

    Is it possible to upload a reshade preset here? The preset ini configuration settings
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    Animations Bloodsucker animation in GooH

    Can you upload it here? That be awesome!
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    Animations Bloodsucker animation in GooH

    This is awesome! Does it refill your health too? 😍
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    Drive on lava (car does not blow up)

    Driving on lava using the cheat no car damage the hellbat still blows up. It be awesome THX
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    Gallows Dodger Charge or infinite "OverKill"

    Is it possible for every time the weapon is used it always has the overkill on the first shot or maybe charge like the megaman buster
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    SR:Gooh | New Textures Project - Winter

    What!?? Thank you! Amazing work :)
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    Double,triple Jump

    Maybe port the SR4 mod, thx
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    Compilation Dehell Hell Project

    Wow! I'm loving this compilation of mods already. I was waiting for something like this for a long time. Good luck!
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    Homies & NPCs Homies Revive other Homies

    Join homies revive fallen homies. Also if possible revive player as well like in co-op play.
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    Ported SRIV Outfits + Extra Clothing and Makeup Colors Mod

    Looks Awesome thx for showing love for the GOOH! I would like to see more mods for this Epic game, too bad they will prob neva remaster this title.
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    Homies & NPCs DEX more Health

    Would cool if Dex would have more Health instead of being and easy kill, maybe also spawn more Dex's with plenty of health. Would be funny chasing 5 Dexes around. XD
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    New Hades in Day AKA simulation day

    :) AMAZING! Tods in GOOH! Thank you, Than you! :)
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    Daytime/ Alternative Days of time

    Daytime in GOOH :cool:
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    All New Character Customization

    Go to Rusty Needle and equip them there
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    Miss Shot A. Lot

    Emilia Clarke? ♥‿♥