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A modder.

== NOTICE: I'm taking break from SR modding for now ==
Due to personal reasons (mainly my surroundings changed recently), I cannot do much Saints Row modding at the moment, plus I've achieved most of things I wanted to do in SR modding anyway. (I had more ambitions, but technical limitations made them impossible.)

Therefore I suspend myself until:

* Someone creates SRTTR modding tools that can repack things
* Someone creates Saints Row Reboot (2022) modding tools that can repack things
* SR2 gets the re-release

Please understand that I cannot do much SR-related technical assistance for now.

== My Mods for ALL Saints Row Games ==

== My Mods for Saints Row 2 ==

== My Mods for Saints Row: The Third (2011) ==

== My Mods for Saints Row IV ==

== My Mods for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell ==

These mods are now part of SuperUI. I cannot provide any support for these mods.


== Policies regarding the versions ==
For Saints Row 2, I own version and I can provide support for it. The data files are 100% identical between Steam and GOG and only executable file is different.
For Saints Row The Third, IV, and GOOH, however, I do not own them so I cannot provide any support for them. Unless it is already found to be incompatible, you may try my mods on these versions, but I cannot guarantee any compatibility with GOG versions.
If it works, great! Please report it on my topics. If it doesn't work, well, I can't provide any further support but you can report it so I can at least put "VERY IMPORTANT WARNING" messages to my topics.

== Policies regarding Saints Row The Third Remastered ==
Most of my mods for SRTT are for the classic (2011) version of the game and generally don't work on Remastered edition. I cannot port any of my mods until all of the following conditions are met:
  • I purchase SRTTR (I can only buy it once it becomes cheap enough) (Got it free via Epic Giveaway)
  • I build a PC strong enough to run SRTTR and potentially SR5 (Done)
  • Tools to unpack and repack the remastered vpp_pc, str2_pc, and asm_pc files are created
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