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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Is okay~~ hahahahahahahah Because my brother just bought a new gaming pc for me, then I saw SRTTR free at Epic Store, and I saw that game looked like GTA But able to create our own character and wear what we want so I quickly download it. And I never own any console,gaming pc, Nintendo's...
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Omg these too!!! SRTTR my first game, When I saw the gang customization I thought I can at least change their outfit.... Then I realized it can't.... I already forgot about these,Thanks for pointing it out and remind me, gonna add it back to my wishlist~~
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    I also planning to do 3R,4 cutscenes with different outfit and faces 😍😍 I just love to share it for specific community 😂
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Yeah u right 😭😭😭 I'll buy SR2 on steam one day~ I'm on pc~ The first SR I gotta look for it...
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    Shaundi SR4

    Hi there, how do I find that in game? (the second image) *okay i found it... sorry My Steelport emulator
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    SR:TTR | Share your character pictures

    Wow Beyonce~~
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Even though I never play the first 2 games But I totally agreed~Because I do the same things like you too 😭😭😭😭😭 We can only wish 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    GOOH Hell weapons

    Omg I wish the pants,wrist,shoes of the right one is available in stores~~
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    SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

    Me!.mp3 Maybe they save the best for last? Wasn't they keep bragging about the customization? I only got feature wishes... 1. The male body slider's 100% skinny is actually no muscle at all, flat, no curves.... 2. Suits/Outfit Break them down to individual pieces please 😭...
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    Generic Asian Male

    Love it the best asian male creation ever ~