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    Turn Initiation Station (Character Creator) into offline creator?

    Figured I post this even though this post was posted back in 2019
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    Johnny Gats Jacket

    Exactly, so it's fine if it's private :)
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    Johnny Gats Jacket

    This was posted back in 2018, I know, just want to reply. Anyways, can't use anything that is DLC since that is considered piracy.
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    All Costumes

    Yes? Oh and yes.
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    nyte blayde suit

    I know I'm late but it isn't possible at this time to add in additional clothings such as Nyte Blayde's suit. However, you can still obtain it in a different way. It requires HazardXB36's Saints Row save editor and just only that. 1. Download and install the save editor 2. Open the save you...
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    SR:TT Ultimate 100% Save

    I've been meaning to create a save like this for a while but hey look ma, I did it! Now you won't have to worry about if all upgrades have already been bought or if a shit ton of clothes have already been bought as well. Anyways here's the description of my save: Unlike any other 100% completed...
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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    Well it won't be so soon seeing as only a two man team are working on this patch with possible issues arising here and there that could be bigger than the last. I suggest taking what I say next with a grain of salt but I hypothesize this may likely be finished either in fall or winter this year...
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    Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

    I seem to get this error too with my own save for SR4. I'm gonna try to see if I can talk to him via email.
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    Character Customization is there a way to play as killbane

    Maybe if you dress up as him but overall, no it isn't possible to play as Killbane or any NPC for that matter. As a matter of a fact if I remember correctly, IdolNinja experimented with the idea of playing as NPCs but it wasn't successful as the game would crash most of the time.
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    SRTTR save editor

    This exists too if that save editor doesn't work
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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    I'd take it with a grain of salt because as far as I heard, Mike and Minimaul haven't said anything about mesh replacements being in the new patch or something similar.
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    Dlc Cheats

    By going into your cheats menu on your phone and enable a cheat? You should already have them unlocked if you see the Gameplay and World categories in your cheats menu if you haven't already entered and unlocked a cheat. If you actually meant to create this thread in the original version of The...
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    SOLVED Controller lags SRTT Remastered to the point of unplayability

    So I like playing most games with a controller, the enhanced xbox one wireless controller to be exact, and especially games like Saints Row and GTA. Ever since launch week if I recall, I've been experiencing an issue that makes the game lags so horribly, it makes the game unplayable on a...
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    Mod Management in Saints Row IV, how to manage mods easily and faster

    I'm late to this, I know, but I just want to add to this by saying Reloaded-II is another good mod manager. It doesn't install the mods directly into the game's root directory but instead it deploys it whenever you go to run your designated either through Reloaded-II's launcher, a shortcut, or...
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    Any character manager? Or how to better manage?

    I know this was posted back in 2018 but Minimaul released a My Steelport emulator tool for SRTT and SR4 + the character creator demos :blush: