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    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

    im not sure why your list of features would include requests for hardened limitations. personally i would find being able to change weapon switch bindings very useful, oh yeah and thats already in the controls menu lol you made a very good point in number 6 about the moon and such, it seems...
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    The original Saints Row 2 is getting a multiplayer patch.

    it is. the screenshot i posted is me using it with gotr. the way you get multiplayer to work is that you 1. go into singleplayer 2. back out to the main menu 3. multiplayer for some reason this fixes it coop works without having to do this
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    The original Saints Row 2 is getting a multiplayer patch.

    it has been updated to work with steam
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    The original Saints Row 2 is getting a multiplayer patch.

    So the team over at openspy have started developing a official multiplayer patch for saints row 2. Openspy is a reimplimentation of gamespy that will allow us to play the real online sr2 (until the steam patch arrives, and gog users) You can read about it here at the official openspy website. It...
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    Character Customization Rings

    from my experience I would say you are on the right track
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    Dual Wield EVERYTHING

    im getting back into sr2 modding so ill be happy to help you make this even better sometime soon
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    Hey IdolNinja i have a question

    the mod moves them from the character creator to the clothing stores, go to a clothing store and you can put on eyes and any color you want. the reason this was done was so that you can have any color eyes you want and not just those default ones that are in the character screen
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    Character Customization Rings

    So the rings youre talking about are from the sons of samedi, im not exactly sure if theyres a slot for the pinky and middle finger but it may be possible to add them
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    Mod Coop

    You need to allow your tunneling service through your firewall. What I do is just disable it on both pcs when I play. For hamachi, when you both are in the room click on the other PC and hit diagnose and see what it says.
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    Crust Punk Style'ed Tattoos

    send me some examples and ill see what i can do
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    Saints Row 2 Models Export Tool (cmesh, smesh, car)

    do you by chance have the source code? i want to look into import tools to bring edited meshes back into the game
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    Character Customization Rings

    can you tell me the name of the items in the items xtbl and ill put them in my clothing patch
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    Compilation SR1 Gameplay Mod

    Another idea I had was to replace human shield with the kick from sr1. Now, I already have all the kick animations and they're already in the preload (rare but they are used by some npcs in conjunction with the normal sr2 kick) but I found out something that could help. So basically the Japanese...
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    Compilation SR1 Gameplay Mod

    Holy shit its true, gonna see if more gfl1s are the same