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    On foot radio

    do you have: genx_radio.xtbl & radio_genx_media.bnk_pc & RadioEnabler files in main folder, soundboot.vpp_pc in \packfiles\pc\cache, Zopiahh's mod and don't change the radio stuff in control_binding_sets.xtbl...
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    On foot radio

    thanks very much for the mod. i'm still facing the problem that radio stops (usually after mission completed) & i have to restart the game, is this normal for rev23 steam version?
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    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    which .anim_pc is for executing hostage? somehow the vampire skill couldn't be used in GooH, i'm thinking to replace the default executing hostage animation with bloodsucker animation
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    Skill - Vampire (Bloodsucker Pack Port)

    i put hs_sd_vamp_a.anim_pc and hs_sd_vamp_b.anim_pc in GooH's preload_anim.vpp_pc, the skill can be bought but the vampire animation doesn't load. it does the default execution instead. any anyone help? 😭
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    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    thanks for letting me know :)
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    V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

    does the customisable character have voice here? i didn't select voice at Image as Design at the beginning, and she got Kinzie's high pitch voice. after i select FEMALE 1, she doesn't say a word, is this normal?
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    On foot radio

    did you put RadioEnabler's files there? (not just RadioSwapper) i forgot about RadioEnabler earlier on 😅
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    saints row 4: much more blood mod

    thanks very much for your guide. the game is much more enjoyable now :) may i ask how to find tweak_table.xtbl & deca_info.xtbl? i wanna do the same for GooH. i guess i should use some tool to extract from a particular file?
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    Saints Row IV Brady Games Pack DLC bug

    a bug of the paid DLC Brady Games Pack, selected skin couldn't be saved. would it ever be fixed?
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    Demon Wings

    the wings look much cooler than angel wings :D however the arms quite often go through the wings while jumping, is it diffifult to fix that? (tried both default animations & female boss animation mod)
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    Mod suggestion might work on SR4
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    How the Saints saved Christmas not working

    i had to remove "Streaking in the Real World" mod 😅
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    [GoG] Agents of Mayhem items for SRIV

    thanks for letting me know 🥲 would you consider porting it to GooH in the future? wanna use AoM Kinzie in GooH 😭
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    [GoG] Agents of Mayhem items for SRIV

    is it possible to use it in GooH? i tried putting AoM_HairPack.vpp_pc in Saints Row Gat out of Hell\mods but its doesn't appear in Hats :(
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    Bloodsucker Pack Port (Guide)

    didn't Voliation said they don't mind fans porting DLC as long as its not sold in that game? its kind of their fault not to include it.