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    • Deacon
      Deacon replied to the thread How accurate are saints row maps?.
      not reallly an accurate remake of a whole map just a small little model of what a city block would look like if I stole some buildings...
    • Deacon
      Deacon reacted to RockAndRoll's post in the thread Elvis Presley with Like Like.
      My English is not very good, I hope there are no confusions. Today I bring you my character based on Elvis Presley, it's not that...
    • Deacon
      if someone were to try to model one of the districts from new hades/steelport how accurate would the map be for them to do that?
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    • Deacon
      Deacon posted the thread Party peds in Homies & NPCs.
      Party peds! This mod aims to be a simple mod that changes some of the husk into lesser used more human-y models from the game. Here's...
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    • Deacon
      Triple trouble! (after playing around with some xtbls I found some weird old gat models still in the game left over from sr3 or some...
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    • Deacon
      Deacon replied to the thread Importing map from SR4?.
      has anyone tested the map file from re-elected in gooh? edit: when I moved the files steam automatically patched the game and wouldn't...
    • Deacon
      Deacon posted the thread blue/ice lava texture in Mod Requests.
      I've been playing around with addmixon's winter ntp and I've enjoyed it but the lava texture seems a bit out of place can someone make...
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