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    7 Compliments and 5 Insults Equipped – Testers Requested

    is there any picture to this ?
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    Gang NPC

    yes there is mods for that this one and this one on a different website
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    porting npc's from sr3 to sr4

    nice can i ask u to please do it ? i don't know how to mod also can i ask about another's mod and see if u can fix it and add the morningstar specialist in that mod its by henry08 ? also...
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    Admixon's Art Thread

    oh ok
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    Admixon's Art Thread

    dude you should totally do this outfit bro its awesome and make it colour customisable too
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    Team Morningstar

    awesome are you going to do a deckers one as well for both sr3 ?
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    Have the decker specialist animation srtt

    Hello i wondering if is possible to have the decker specialist whole animation and not just the ones ones on sandbox + if so can someone please make it , it would be awesome to have it thanks
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    Peter Griffin

    oh its the fat man ( Stewie ) says
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    Character Customization Deckers Specialist and Morningstar Soldier outfits' bugged

    yeah its like that for the ps4 as well , was wondering if some could fix / makke their outfits
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    The Syndicate pack

    Does this work for sr3 standard as well ?
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    No more hostile homies

    is this compatible with other peoples homies mods ?
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    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    Oh OK , honestly i don't know
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    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    It doesn't work for sr3 , i loaded the game and it turned off the game