Saints Row 2 Mods I Have Made:
Open World Z (Open World Zombie Mod) -Canceled.
2. Zombieish Crowd Control Finished.(was a proof of concept)
3. Saints Row 3+4 Styled Wheel Size Mod -Finished.
4. On Foot Radio - Finished.
5. Extended Extras + - Canceled
6. Spawnable NPCS (W.I.P) Canceled
7. Helicopter Mechanic -Finished.
8. Extra Gangsta Brawl MP Maps -Finished.
9. SR1 T3k Urban + Platinum Black T3k Urban -Finished.

If you use my mods, just know the majority are a buggy mess and unoptimized. They are made with STOCK GOTR IN MIND. They were not made to be compatible with other mods, so if you are combining mods that have the same exact files. You will experience issues such as crashes, never ending loading etc. Just use STOCK GOTR with my mods, otherwise don't use my mods. I have no plans to update them. :)

- Retired from Saint's Row Modding.