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    A map editor?

    A guide/tutorial would be great
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    Easier Activity Goals

    Because that's how most of the SR4 files are called, there's no "sr4_something" files. SR4 was planned to be a DLC for SR3 that's why it uses the same engine and the same file names.
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    What would we like for Saints Row the 2nd?

    2011 engine, Reboot engine would be a better option.
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    no head?

    Because heads use morphs that cannot be extracted with the ripper
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    Things To Do In Steelport - Family-Friendly Edition

    Yea, sadly this modpack contains mods that are either broken or outdated
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    SRR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    It is
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    Extended Customization v1.2 - Now with more helis

    You need to extract the files from the folder
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    CBBE & XP32 + better animations?

    So I'm not the only one who wants his OC to have a cbbe type of body. Bet someone will make it once some mesh editing tools drops
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    Worth Buying Now or Wait For a Deep Sale?

    I'd wait for full Steam release (because the game feels like an early access right now). Bet most of the bugs will be fixed, the game should receive some new DLCs, we'll have some official modding tools (as they promised) and it will be discounted for sure I pre-ordered the cheapest version on...
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    Admixon's Art Thread

    2022 | Fortune in bikini
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    Adult Corner Access

    To anyone sending us emails or DMs asking for adult corner access please stop and read the forum rules: You will know why you don't have an access and when you will have. If you're having problems accessing it but have a date of birth that is...
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    SRR | Share your characters pics

    I pretty sure you can buy the jacket in Planet Saints
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    Adding the game to Steam library

    It is possible and it still works even with the launcher. Make sure the shortuct is set correctly
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    Character Customization I hate the new character editor.

    You know what's my biggest problem with the CC? When I want to have my main OC in the reboot. I'm not saying you can't create nice looking characters but believe me I tried for hours create my OC but with lack of sliders it's impossible. I spent like 2000 hours playing as one character in TT and...
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    Does anyone know how to find a boss factory boss file location?

    It's not saved locally. You think it is but in fact it's stored on Volition servers like the shared ones